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Агентские рекламные кабинеты

Заведите агентский рекламный кабинет Facebook, TikTok, Bigo, Kwai

Темы (2023)

  • The Future of iGaming in The Netherlands, Post-Advertising Ban
  • Europe’s iGaming Industry, Striving for a Sustainable Future
  • Navigating the Changing Dial of Curaçao: Seizing Opportunities
  • iGaming’s Thriving Future in CEE
  • The Future of Chatbot AI and implementing it as an affiliate
  • Winners and losers of the AI wars
  • Optimising for the gambling SERP multiverse
  • Shazam for Sports Betting: Snapodds unites live TV and mobile for effortless sports wagering и др.

Спикеры (2023)

  • Ben Cove, Chief Marketing Officer, Logifuture
  • Benjamin Truman, Co-Founder & COO, Media Troopers
  • Birger De Geyter, Co-CEO, Unlocked
  • Christina Thakor-Rankin, Principal Consultant, 1710 Gaming Ltd
  • Dagmar Janssen, SEO Director, Luckyblock.com и др.


16-19 июля 2024


RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands


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