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В управлении $3M/год рекламного бюджета

Lira — Google Premier Partner

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Статус Ведущего Партнера ежегодно получают только 3% самых успешных компаний с высокими результатами в сфере управления Google Ads для своих клиентов


Ashkan Tai photo

Ashkan Tai

CEO at Ashkan Tai Lawyers (Australia)
“Artem (Lira Digital Marketing Agency) is fantastic at his job and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help with their Google Ads and Facebook accounts. He manages my website, Google Ads and facebook full time and has been doing so for some many months now. You will see Artem is continuing as my full time manager and as mentioned before, is doing a fantastic job. I highly recommend him to anyone.”
Daniel Huth photo

Daniel Huth

Co-Founder & CEO at Klinikheld (Germany)
“Artem (Lira) is one of the best performance marketers I have met so far. Our ads are very successful and we owe him a lot. He is a master of his craft and is also up-to-date with current challenges. I’m looking forward to being able to draw on his services again shortly.”
Vitaliy Myshlaev photo

Vitaliy Myshlaev

Co-Founder at Ducalis.io (USA, Global market)
“Highly recommend them! Artem and his team helped our SAAS product achieve all metrics for our paid traffic plans. As a result, expand markets globally and improve ROI. Deep understanding of Google and Facebook Ads. Great communication. Detailed follow-ups for each call. Stick to the schedule. Artem’s team provided us with a very strong foundation for our paid marketing strategy and campaign structure. They revamped the whole PPC engine for our SAAS tool from just signup tracking to acquiring only highly motivated users with better activation rates and qualified leads for the sales process.”
Brad Kuskin photo

Brad Kuskin

Founding Principal at GoCommercial group by Compass (USA)
“I worked with Artem (Lira) for a few years on developing and honing my firm’s online advertising campaigns. He is wonderful to work with and I look forward to many continued jobs together.”
Artem Loginov photo

Artem Loginov

Co-Founder, Volta (Spain, Global market)
“Great job, guys! Thank you! Artem (Lira Digital Marketing Agency) & the team have configured our Google Analytics account to enable us to track macro & micro conversions properly + they’ve linked it with our Google Ads account, so we can run our campaigns efficiently and target them for the right goals.”
Aik Atasunts photo

Aik Atasunts

CEO at AQ8 System (UAE)
“After a year in our partnership, we had increased our sales. I was able to call Spain to make AQ8 System a worldwide company and told them that I wanted to start selling in the Middle East. Lira team is excellent from a project management standpoint. They understood what we wanted right away. We like that they do whatever it takes in order to achieve great results.”

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Увеличили выручку интернет-магазина из Германии в 5 раз за 3 месяца

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Увеличили сайнапы на 125% для Fintech стартапа из UK

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