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Агентские рекламные кабинеты

Заведите агентский рекламный кабинет Facebook, TikTok, Bigo, Kwai


  • Performance Beyond the Click
  • Learn the art of social selling, personal branding and attract new partnerships into your affiliate program with ease!
  • Rethink. Reimagine. Reignite: Building an Unbreakable Affiliate Growth Engine in Today’s Complex Ecosystem
  • Affiliate Program Triage
  • Avoiding the “Ad Tech Tax”: Secrets of Top Growth Marketers
  • What is the Role of an Affiliate Manager in 2024 and Beyond?
  • Back to Life, Back to Reality: How to Approach Integrated Retail Media Planning
  • Winning Together: How to Thrive in Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Scale Content Commerce
  • Protect yourself! Ad Fraud in the Wild и др.


  • Andrew Covato, Founder & Managing Director of Growth by Science
  • Andrew Noonan, Loyalty and Performance Based Partnerships in Air Canada
  • Brandie Feuer, Chairwoman in Las Vegas Innovation Marketing Association (LVIMA)
  • Dave Baker, Affiliate Director in Future PLC
  • Drew Frost, Director in Drew Frost и др.


16-18 апреля 2024


Intercontinental, Miami


От $595. Есть скидки при покупке нескольких билетов